All You Need To Know About Holding Period

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When you are investing in the financial markets, there is a lot that you need to know about. One of the things that an investor should be aware of is a holding period. This is an important aspect of investing in financial products because it determines the value of a share.

When you are trading online, or are using an automated trading platform such as the Fincrowd App for your trades, then, it is important to figure out holding periods so that you can make your trades accordingly.

Define holding period

When someone mentions holding periods, they are referring to the time frame within which any investment can be attributed to an investor. For instance, if an investor has invested in government bonds for 6 months, then, those 6 months are considered a holding period.

However, if you have a long position, then a holding period can refer to the time between the buying and selling of an asset. If you are a long-term investor, then, this could mean anywhere between a year to much more. There are also short holding periods.

In a short sale, a holding period is when a seller buys back the assets. When the assets are given to the lender to end the short sale. In his instance, the holding period is one day.

Other things to know about holding period

Since a holding period is time-centric, it means that the value of an asset as well as taxations on it are determined by the holding period. Long-term investments are taxed at lower rates, so, when you are holding a long-term stock or asset then the capital gains on it will be taxed at a lower rate. Anything longer than a year is referred to as a long-term investment.

A short-term holding will be taxed at a higher rate, so, when you have a short sale with an asset, the chances are that your capital gains from it will be taxed at a higher rate.

How to calculate the holding period

Since most assets are bought and sold during the trading day, the best way to calculate the date of holding from the date after a particular asset or security was purchased. This calculation also helps when you are trading online through automated platforms such as Fincrowd app.

For instance, if you have bought 50 shares on Mar 1, 2017, then you begin to calculate your holding period from Mar 2, 2017. If you have disposed of those shares on May 1, 2017, then, your holding period will be calculated from Mar 2 to May 1.

There are various rules that govern a holding period – for instance, someone can receive a gift stock and this holding period is carried forward from the donor to the recipient. If the stock has decreased in value then a recipient’s holding period begins the day after receiving the gift. The same goes for receiving stock dividends as well.

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Things You Need To Know About Binary Options Trading Systems

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Things You Need To Know About Binary Options Trading Systems

Development of the technology and appearance of internet, different programs and systems brought us the opportunity to make money online. Binary Options is one of the endless opportunities if you have the time, and a few bucks at your disposal try educating yourself about binary options trading. If you’re a beginner, and you never heard about it, be sure to read articles or books about it before you start trading, that will save you a lot of money. The condition of success in this job is finding the right Binary Options software. Since binary options trading became popular over the night, developers started developing different robots for automatic trading, however not each of them is trustworthy and indeed working. Developing a software takes a lot of effort and time; therefore you should read reviews carefully or even ask the fellow trader for a piece of advice. Quantum Code system is the one that currently has all the spotlight for itself. There are millions of reviews, some are good, some bad but almost all of them are mostly based on the trader’s experience.

Since we already mentioned Quantum Code, here is something you have to know about this trading robot before you decide on one. Quantum Code is one of the latest released auto-trading systems, and even the first users spoke about the outstanding algorithm and feature this software has. If you want to know whether this one is the right system for you, and which are its faults, continue reading this article, and you will find out.

michael-crawfordThe first thing you need to know is that this software was named after the developer company Quantum Code which was founded, believe it or not by Michael Crawford. Michael Crawford appeared multiple times on the Forbes list, which speaks for itself. Trustworthy systems come from reliable man, and if you know who stands behind it, it is already the guarantee of success.

NQS technology or Near Quantum Speed technology was implemented in 2006 and since then it hasn’t failed even once. This algorithm generates the results, and the expected success rate is a little under 100%. If you want to know the exact percent – 96%, remember that perfect system is very hard to develop. Quantum Code exams and analyzes the market and the trades and it delivers results for their traders, at a very convenient speed, which means QC operators are always first to win trades.


Another feature of this systems is its 24/7 member support, as its name says it means that every time you aren’t sure about how something works or what happened you can contact the support center, but under one condition – your membership.

At last, how to become a member? There is nothing suspicious or weird about this step as many of ‘traders’ think, the only thing you need to do is sign up, enter your name, e-mail address and choose a broker for yourself. Also, you will need to place an initial deposit of 250$ but believe me, it is worth it.

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Start Making Money Online

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Start Making Money Online

To get any regular job you would need to apply, pass the interview and then spend months trying to get accepted. With online jobs there is nothing to prove as you are already accepted. What makes it great is the fact that you determine how much you will work and earn. Once you chose what you will do online, or what online job you will pick there are only couple more things to consider. Here are some great ways to get paid online without moving a finger-just a figure of speech as fingers are actually the only body part you will move.

Teach a Course online.

If possess serious skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator on any other similar and want to share, then you should start tutoring. Online courses can get you a lot of money only if you put yourself in it. You must be fully committed to teaching other. And you don’t have to address every student individually like a teacher would. No, you will create videos in which you address to anyone who wants to listen and learn. So get you suit and tie and start giving advice to people that are less experienced than you. Creating just a couple of videos weekly you will be able to get a regular U.S. salary if not more!


Start Trading with Binary Options.

To get started with binary options, you will need three things: a laptop/desktop, or any device on which you can access the market, a secure internet connection and spare time. Having these three things you can start with you broker career. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t require any investments or a startup budget.forexrutreyder

All you need to do is to sign in, get an account, register it and chose a binary broker that you want to trade with. To get started check the fintech ltd. and see how players are trading there. You can improve you stile of playing by monitoring other traders and how they do business. You can also watch tutorial provided by your broker once you sing up. Sometimes you will get useful stuff from them including invaluable strategies.

Advertise via Social Media.

If you have an account on any social media that is extremely popular, then you are half way done already. To advertise a brand, product or a company name all, you need to do is make your popular page into a business page. You can do this by changing it a bit, and place certain product related links in your bio. After this, you just need to post a couple of links daily to attract you followers to that product’s page. This will increase the user count on that page and get you a percentage from advertising the product.


Finding the best way to earn online isn’t about filtering the low-paying ones from top paid jobs. It’s about finding the one that suites your lifestyle and needs. Once you do this you will not even look at it as a job but a profitable hobby.

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How to Make Easy Money – Binary Options Trading

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How to Make Easy Money – Binary Options Trading

Have you ever wondered how some people are successful even though you don’t know anything about them, they don’t work, they spend most of their time doing whatever they like and still have a lot of money? Well, the thing you probably wouldn’t have guessed is that they make their money online and that they spend only a few hours a day doing it.

Now, there are numerous ways to make money online, but if you want to REALLY make money, then you choose binary options trading.

Most forms of online jobs are meant for students or people who want to make a quick buck for some leisure activities, but by utilizing binary options trading, you can even quit your job and live more comfortably than ever before. If you look for more information click here.

Binary Options Trading is a simple method which can be used by anyone and here’s how it works.


You find a right broker, sign up, create an account and deposit some money into your account. Once you’ve set everything up, it’s time to find a commodity or an asset that you are familiar with. For an example, let’s say you are very familiar with gold. Once you’ve found what you are looking for, in this example, gold, you will see its current value and try to figure out how its value will change over the course of next few days.

Now, if you know a lot about gold and you follow current events it shouldn’t be hard for you to predict how the value will change in the near future. You dig up some information about gold, do your research, make some calculations and come up with a final decision. If your final decision is that the value of gold will rise within the next few days, you will choose an option call, however, if you think that it will decrease, you will choose put. Once you have everything set, you’ve deposited money, you found what you have been looking for, you decided what is going to happen with its value, it’s time to set the expiry time. Expiry time can vary from thirty seconds to a month. If you think that the change will take place, let’s say, within two days, you will place an expiry time of two days and wait for it to pass. If once the time passes your prediction turns out to be correct you will win money. Not every broker offers the same amount of money per successful trade so before you place a trade, make sure you find the best one for the asset or commodity that you want to trade with.

If you predict falsely don’t demoralize yourself, there’s always a second chance. The best thing about binary options is that even if you do predict wrong, you will still get a portion of your money back.

This is a quick and easy way to make money, especially if you know a lot about any commodity or asset, but even if you do not, you still have fifty percent chance to win money. With some practice and luck, your profits will go through the roof.

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Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

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Easy Ways to Earn Money Online

When it comes to online jobs, there are more than a couple that can be called decent. It isn’t always about the amount of money that you can from it. Sometimes it’s about how you handle the job and if you really like what you are doing. To find out what you like and what you don’t like you need to try them all. Or at least most of them. So in that interest of finding the right online job, we’ve prepared a couple of them for you to consider.

Binary Options Trading.

aaron-monitorsIf you want to earn real money in a short period, you should try binary options. Off course, it’s not that easy. There are tutorials to watch and material to learn. Only after you’ve completed your training, you will become a binary options trader. The job is simple, find stable assets and bet on their financial situation. Placing put or call on a certain asset will get you paid if the price of that assets goes up or down. Other than this there are no other rules. Get the predicament right and get paid for it. You will need to research a bit more and while you’re at it start with 10 Best Binary Robots.

Virtual Assistant.


Another job if you are good at organizing things and keeping track of obligations and tasks. Just like any other assistant a virtual will help their employee and organize their meetings, answer phones, and create sheets. They are expected to be precise, professional, educated and organized persons. The pay matches the obligations that virtual assistants have. Once you start working as a virtual assistant, you will be overwhelmed with assignments. Only after you’ve successfully completed all of them you will be given easier tasks. In a way, it’s a test, and if you can handle them all at once in the beginning, you’ll do just fine.

Surveys completion.

online-surveyMany successful business companies will pay good money to get their product on the market. It’s not all about making something attractive; you will also need to input user related data. And this will be your job. Complete surveys will user information and get paid for it. To compete for the daily requirements, you will need to do only a couple of surveys. This is a great way to earn money online, as you only have to click on yes/no questions. Other than that you will be prompted to provide some basic information on certain products.

So there you have it. Those were the some of the easiest ways to get paid for siting in your room all day. If you want to find more ways to get money online fell free to google it. So quit worrying about your unpaid bills and start working online. Not only that you will have more money, but you’ll also have more time to do other stuff. Working two jobs was never easy, but at least with the online job you won’t be tired.

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Best Binary Options Techniques

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Best Binary Options Techniques

Trading with binary options isn’t an easy task. You need to calculate your every move and have in mind the invested money as well as how much you can gain out of it. If you really want to improve the way you do business on binary options market all you need to do is grab a pen and paper. We will show you some of the most useful techniques when it comes to binary options trading. Make sure that you pay close attention as for a strategy to work; every detail must be placed accordingly to rules.

Hook and Go Strategy.

This strategy is intended for advanced users. It revolves around making the asset go above its normal price by leading traders to follow your bet and then betting one the opposite. If you know anything about a Quick Cash System, then you know what we are talking about here. To make it work you must be quick and you must be prepared to invest more than usually. This is the only way to make the strategy work. To change the fixed amount of money you need to hook more people to bet on the same outcome. You are the one who knows what the outcome is, and you are the only one that makes a profit from it.

The reversal strategy.


This one is for everyone to use as it is safe and easy to learn. Once you get the hang of it, you will never want to use another technique. What you should do, to make it work, is to look for a specific type of assets. The ones you should pay attention to are the ones with a shifty price range. If you notice that an asset’s price is irregular, dropping and raising without a pattern place a bet immediately. Why should you place a bet on a risky asset such as that? Well as it turns out what comes up must come down. So if you get that perfect moment when the direction changes, you’ll get a fortune. Make sure that you place you bet at the last minute to increase the chances of winning. See more at .

Safe and Sound.

This might not be the most profitable technique, but you will gradually accumulate money at least. Place safe bets mostly by following other traders on the market. You might not get much excitement from this technique, but you will make cash. To make it more interesting, you can do this on multiple markets and increase your chances or multiply the winnings. In any case, you will have your money after a few turns. The best things about it that is a low-risk strategy.

What makes binary options trading so interesting and appealing isn’t just the money that you can get from it. It’s the ability to combine strategies in order to get what you want. So be smart, explore the market and get the most out of binary options trading. Have fun and good luck.

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